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Casanova Law, P.A. is dedicated to providing quality, individualized representation in the areas of Criminal Defense, Immigration, and Traffic Tickets.

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Criminal Defense

A criminal charge has the potential to affect your life and liberty. When these valuable interests are at stake, it is critical to seek the protection and guidance of a committed, qualified attorney. Casanova Law, P.A. has the passion and experience to fight for your rights and freedoms.


Obtaining or changing your legal status in this country is a difficult but worthwhile task. Status offers numerous advantages, including peace of mind. Casanova Law, P.A. can guide you through this process, whether you wish to become a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident, or temporary visitor.

Traffic Tickets

DON’T PAY THAT TICKET. Payment will result in an automatic conviction and points on your license. Even a seemingly minor traffic infraction can become a huge problem for your driving record. Contact Casanova Law, P.A. to find out how you can fight to avoid the consequences.

Not only is Ms. Casanova a pleasure to work with, she’s a true professional who excels at getting the job done. Despite a less than stellar driving record, I walked away from an egregious traffic infraction with no points on my license. Casanova law knows how to put their clients first, and the results speak for themselves.

Zack Alex

Traffic Ticket

There could be a thousand lawyers in Florida state, but none of them have the customer service and professionalism lawyer Casanova has… If you had a traffic ticket, this is the lawyer you go to!!! Forget Alex Hanna or ticket clinic!! Lawyer Casanova is there when you needed the most.

Rene Enrique Rodriguez

Traffic Ticket

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